Monday, May 11, 2009

In the Words of Austin Powers...

Allow myself to introduce myself...

Since I am starting this blog and most will just stumble across it I figure you might want to know who the F I am. So, I am a lawyer in the Navy and I am getting ready to deploy to a legal billet in Iraq. I will, for the most part, be like a mentor of sorts to the Iraqi judiciary. Though I am still not sure what the exact job will be until I get there. I will try to talk about what I do but since this is a military operation I am constrained by rules (though of by some Ahole lawyer, I am sure). For the most part it is not cloak and dagger stuff at all.

I have been in the Navy about 18 years and except for a couple of operational tours I have spent most of my career in the court room as a prosecutor at the trial level and appellate level both in courts-martial and federal District Court.

While this posting will be new and exciting it is also a bit daunting and really kinda F's up what has developed into a great life in DC. Anyway, it will be long and at times boring but I will try to spice it up with pictures of Iraq and me with guns. However, you will have to bear with me for the next 3 weeks or so as I am starting the training pipeline before I can get "into country" as they say.

The first stop is here in San Diego. I've been stationed here before and really like the city. Unfortunately the make up of this week allows little free time to get off base. Let me take that back, there is a LOT of free time but it is spent waiting for the next evolution to start. So, if lucky I will get away to see a Padres game in the new ball park that was just being built (with much of my property taxes) when I last left.

After this week we go native and get schooled by our Army compatriots on weapons quals, convoy ops and eating shitty food from a package. So, I will fill in more details as the time goes by and stuff of interest actually occurs.

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