Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prison Break

I've finally settled into the barracks on Ft. Jackson, SC. This is a huge Army base and I am in the hinter lands of the base with out much of anything around. The idea is to immerse us in training w/o any distractions. The living conditions are spartan compared to what I am used to. One thing about the military is that as you get higher in rank you get better perks. Unfortunately that doesn't apply here! As you can see, austere is the word of the day. The furniture that is is the barracks reminds me of a prison. Unfortunately I can't escape.

Today was pretty lame, not doing much of anything but I totally got screwed by showing up late and got stuck with an upper bunk. Rank has no privilege. Tomorrow starts at 0530 with a bunch of briefings and issuance of body armor. Wed I get my 9mm and then I can start busting caps. Until then I am resigned to watching "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and going to sleep early.

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