Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've been stationed in San Diego twice before. I've always liked it. However, this trip has turned into one big case study on DoD fraud, waste and abuse. I am supposed to be here to do a whole host of things in preparation for going to Iraq. What I have ended up doing is going to the gym twice a day, walking around the largest Navy Exchange I've ever seen and watching too much TV.

I didn't post yesterday because NOTHING happened. I went to the training site at 9am and was told, "You have all of your requirements completed you can go back to the hotel." Today I went in for a lecture at 7-8 and got my gas mask and was released from duty at 930. Tomorrow I get my uniforms and I am told what time I fly on Saturday.

So, for the entire 7 day evolution I flew from DC to San Diego, received one booster immunization (that I was told in DC I didn't need), given a series of lectures that were covered by all of my online classes, fitted for uniforms that I already have, given a gas mask and then will fly from SD to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. All of this at the cost of:

Flight to SD: $985
Room for 5 nights $135 (it's on base housing)
Per Diem $582

For a shot I could have received in DC. A decent amount of money for no benefit.

Hopefully next week will be more productive. However, the digital camera works and I will get some pictures up soon. Until then if you need me I will be at the gym.

Oh, if you think the room is cheap for San Diego, it is b/c it's on base. Not bad but the coffee maker sucks! I hate these things, the coffee tastes like ass.

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